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Headline: Square
Texts: Leonardo Conti
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-88-6057-095-6
Size: cm 24×30
Binding: Board
Pages: 64
Illustrations: 44
Price: € 20,00

Artists: Anomalous Group, Carlo Bevilacqua, Alberto Pikkarainen, Marilu Cattaneo, Angelo Caruso, Enrico Cazzaniga, Paolo Conti, Marcello De Angelis, Alessandro Dotti, Carlo Dulla, Mme Duplok, Annamaria Gelmi, Dario Leone, Adolfo Lugli, Francis Lussier, Milan Art Center, Ruggero Maggi, Ansel Mansel (Stephen Attruia), Federica Marangoni, George Masons, Gianfranco Meggiato, Milana Dario DTao, Domenico Olmedi, David Parra regions, Bruno Pedrosa, Pieronie Cropelli, Matteo Pugliese, Rudy Pulcinelli, Marco Querin, Stefano Soddu, Angiola Tremonti, Giammaria Zanda

978-88-6057-095-6 ,

«Sculptures, installations, video, they are not collected in a museum container, but they gather in the streets and squares of the center of Milan, they inhabit the city, mix with everyday life, to everyday life, to its beating heart, so that a fragmentary look, aimed at a multiplicity of aesthetic experiences as similar as they are irreducible to each other, can make us walk in streets and squares that have become places of attention and understanding.
Each work of art needs to meet with a particular gaze, a thought that questions itself, If you are moved, O s'indigni, calm down or react, understand, in the face of the creative unpredictability already placed beyond the limit of separation and indifference. Every understanding of a work of art represents the breaking down of a limit, one's". Text taken from Over the edge Leonardo Conti.

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition “Plaza 2009. Over the edge. 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall", Milan, November 2009.

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Dimensions 24 × 30 cm