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the painter's room

The painter’s roomElementi di pittura contemporanea” is an editorial series that narrates and collects the testimonies of contemporary painters who, at various levels, they are indicative of the evolution and topicality of the pictorial language, giving voice both to the Masters and to the mid-career artists as well as to the young promises who are confronted with this medium.

Ettore Frani – The splendor of black


Headline: Ettore Frani. The splendor of black
Artist: Ettore Frani
Edited by: Paola Feraiorni, Ettore Frani
Texts: Andrea Dall’Asta, Roberto Diodato, Matteo Galbiati, Raffaella Nobili, Silvano Petrosino, Giuliano Zanchi
Language: Italian, English
Translations: Paola Dartigues, Speak Easy School, Alessandra Bonzi
ISBN: 978-88-6057-467-1
Necklace: the painter’s room
Number in series: 2
Exit date: September 2020
Size: cm 21×28
Format: brossura filo reference
Pages: 160
Price: € 32.00