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Headline: Ettore Pinelli. Elegy of silence
Artist: Ettore Pinelli
Texts: Matteo Galbiati
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-88-6057-606-4
the painter’s room
Number in series: 10
Release date: April 2024
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: brossura
Pages: 128
Price: € 25.00

Meet The Author

The research of the contemporary painter Ettore Pinelli (Modica RG, 1984), is centered on the anthropological observation of the relational aspects of human nature when this is taken to its limits.
Starting from images, videos and iconography taken from the media, Ettore Pinelli highlights the relationship taken to the extreme that contemporary man has with information.

In his research, the development of particular images and data coming from third-party information channels is constant: a lack of definition, an accentuation of the disorder or error which transforms from defects into unique and absolute values. His practice is characterized by surface painting: light and dense drafts where controlled gestures do not allow errors or second thoughts.

The artist prefers painting and drawing as methods of restoring the idea and I rely on them for a process of construction and deconstruction of the image that makes it acquire its own vitality and strong autonomy..