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Ray Smith. Small changes

Headline: Small Changes
Ray Smith
Omar Pascual Castillo
Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-88-6057-054-3
Size: cm 22,5×22,5
Binding: Board
Pages: 72
Illustrations: 42
Photos: G. Solapur
Price: € 10,00

978-88-6057-054-3 ,

Visionary and direct, Ray Smith's universe draws inspiration from witchcraft, the bellows, alchemy, imported from a border land, the one it comes from, between Texas and Mexico, in which the shamanic tradition is present with all its rich symbolic apparatus.
To populate the watercolors and mixed works on paper: wizards, witches, female figures with exhibited eroticism and spells. Recent graphic cycles record the small changes in his work, after the end of the Empire cycle, they return to experiment with drawing and painting, that had marked the beginning of his artistic career.

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