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FLAX TO WIN. Farthest

Headline: Lino Di Vinci | Farthest
Artista / Autore:
Lino Di Vinci
Luciano Caprile, Viviana Accounts, Elisabetta Rota
Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-88-6057-038-3
Size: cm 22×21,5
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96
Photos: Antonio Rusca
Price: € 13,00

978-88-6057-038-3 ,

"The smallest element and the largest meet in an investigation of the infinitely vast space that opens up before our eyes every time we launch the eye in the sky or in the parallel investigation under the microscope limited only by the inadequacy of equipment incapable, for the moment, to overcome the threshold of the progressive splitting to millimicrons. […] Lino Di Vinci has always sounded this treacherous territory that calls into question every certainty and the works of the past four years, contained under the heading farther possible, revived the problem and pose more of a question. Farthest from where? For where? By themselves? Towards themselves in a sort of boomerang cognitive? In the sense that the largest and the smallest reside in each of us?»

Taken from the text A path from the cell interior to infinity Luciano Caprile.

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