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Archangel. Geographies of time

Headline: Archangel | Geographies of time
Artista / Autore:
John Granzotto
Year: 2006
ISBN: 978-88-6057-020-8
Size: cm 24×32
Binding: Brossura filo reference
Pages: 64
Illustrations: 32
Price: € 9,00

978-88-6057-020-8 ,

The paintings of Archangel dripping color and pulsate light; avvampano, light up with sudden m acchie color, and dampen the cage of white sacral, reaching depths purely expressive: the game plans, discussion and sharing of spatial fields, Finally, writing frantic button and epiphanies of signs, also respond to the magisterium of compositional research, but above all to vibrate emotion, and its mutant intention always allusive. Taken from the text Archangel, between old memories and daily events John Granzotto.

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition "Archangel geographies of time" at the Gallery Poliart, Milan, (November 2006 – January 2007).

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Dimensions 24 × 32 cm