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Antonio Franchi. Emotional Synthesis

Headline: Antonio Franchi. Emotional Synthesis
Artist: Antonio Franchi
Texts: Mattia Lapperier
Language: Italian, English
Release date: 18 October 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-551-7
Size: cm 21×26
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 128
Price: € 29.00

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Meet The Author

Antonio Franchi's painting is born and grows by stratification. The indissoluble union of color and material guides the operation as a whole which is carried out over the entire available surface, until the support is completely hidden, following rather slow rhythms, so as to allow the matter to settle, just as it also happens simultaneously to the complex of memories and moods, at the origin of each composition. Each work is inextricably linked to a specific place, a real place, a place often experienced in first person or perhaps referable to circumstances or experiences directly attributable to the artist's experience. […]

Whether they are intangible and ephemeral travel memories, of affectionate dedications to specific and circumscribed localities or of heartfelt tributes to entire peoples, Franchi's painting, rigorously practiced on a square support, opens a passage in the direction of the place, from case to case made explicit by the title, allowing the observer to immerse themselves in it, to explore it e, at the same time, to come into direct and immediate contact with the artist's interiority.

Mattia Lapperier

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