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Savona, Museum of Ceramics

Selmani's works play on the edge of ambiguity and evoke the inclination to sarcasm: Selmani's works play on the edge of ambiguity and evoke the inclination to sarcasm

GENOVA | CUSTOMS ROOM, DUCAL PALACE | 17 July - 23 July 2015 The ACCA GROUP Cultural Association (Amici Cultura Ceramica Albisola), founded in 2011 by Gianluca Anselmo with the moral support of intellectuals of the caliber of Gillo Dorfles, Philppe Daverio, Arturo Schwartz and Gino Di Maggio, from 2012 organizes a residency program in Albisola, […]

ivan-invito web

Ivan Lardschneider: A Child’s Play | ISculpture Galleria - San Gimignano & Casole d’Elsa

Personal exhibition: iSculpture Art Gallery San Gimignano | 15 June - 28 June 2014 Site-Specific Installation: Hotel Castello di Casole | 14 June - 28 June 2014 San Gimignano: The iSculpture Gallery is pleased to present Ivan Lardschneider's personal exhibition A Child's Play. At the same time, the site-specific installation "An Angel Fallen to Earth" by Ivan […]

Marcus Jansen, Solo Show – Art at home

[two_third class=”” last=”no” ] Marcus Jansen Solo Show 11 – 30 June 2014 Curated by Anna Bonanni Umberto Russo Art in the Via Fago house, 30 39100 Bolzano Catalog: Vanillaedizioni with the critical text by Alessandro Riva Presentation of the documentary "Marcus Jansen in Milan" by Antonio De Luca For information + 39 347 3100 295 info@galleriabiancamariarizzi.com […]

Be beautiful and shut up

Be beautiful and shut up: lyrical reflections on the Status of Women

Freely inspired by the essay Be beautiful and shut up. Because today's Italy offends the women of the philosopher Michela Marzano (Mondadori, 2010), with the consent and permission of the author, the collective of the same name presents the views and reflections lyrical contemporary figurative artists of the status of women. The sample, edited by Vera Agosti and promoted […]