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Corrado Zeni, Atlas

La Galleria Guidi&Schoen Contemporary Art Genoa presents new works Corrado Zeni in a solo exhibition dedicated to the artist, Atlas, from 6 February to 1 March.

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The exhibition is accompanied by an eBook and a hardcover volume edited by Vanillaedizioni and is the first number of the newly necklace PageNotFound monographs devoted to the artist; a prestigious solution to give a superb visibility to artists and an editorial product easily distributable, accessible and shared with all.

All'interno the volume, the text of the presentation is given to the artist Giacomo Costa which emphasizes that the new cycle of works of his friend Conrad Zeni is radically different than his previous works:

"The works of Zeni were then detached and not extremely related to the observation of reality shared, scrutinized with the inquiring eye of the anthropologist and lived as a party to which you are invited painfully, a desire to appropriate a normal daily life that we have and we would like to.
The blur of certain subjects emphasized the photographic nature of its process but also the life that animated his subjects trapped in his vision of the world. "

In the new work Zeni has abandoned its usual conceptual model, practices subsidiaries, the most rational pictorial survey to melt, almost dreamily, memories, emotions, disorder and feelings accumulated over the last few years of life and travel.
The artist began to paint now with no real preparatory sketches and ideas take shape blending directly on the canvas. Think back to the painting when it takes shape on the canvas indulging endless possibilities thanks to a freedom of expression more fluid, almost irrational, that slips into the unconscious without control.
In the works of large bands and streaks of colors blend in and overlap and the volumes are increasing, creating plans in space and time staggered. Intellectual tension and sense of abandonment coexist in this new pictorial practice that seems to redefine its own internal mechanisms.
The artist tells us about the complex dynamics of relationships through a personal and refined new alphabet.

Continue Giacomo Costa:

"In Atlas the change from the technical point of view, formal and conceptual is strong and important. People seem to have finally found their proper context, Zeni seems that it no longer has the need to kidnap them in their everyday life but rather wants raccontarcele in their world, of course, interpreted in the light of his vision and his experiences.
It would seem that the world is observed with distance is much closer to the vantage point from which the artist watched him eventually involve, to influence them ... to drag dances. You could almost believe that Zeni has finally been invited to the party to which it was not previously allowed and which would not be part of it (?)... "I notice more if I come and I sit on the sidelines or if I do not come for nothing?».
The human figures continue to do their daily activities but is no longer isolated from the white aseptic, no longer in the zoo of mental Corrado, not scrutinize under the magnifying glass, but in a real world where color and shapes tell true stories and lived, places and times. The subjects of Conrad have thus regained their history.”

The subjects of Zeni long without precise location have finally found a place to live. Characters in Search of a scene rather than an author, now have an unprecedented narrative unity all around. The balance, however, it seems unstable, in the balance between action and potential, presence and memory.
As an Atlas, the new exhibition of Zeni collects stories, paths, traces of modern man.


Corrado Zeni. Atlas

6 February - 1 March 2014
opening 6 February 2014 hours 18.30

Guidi&Schoen Contemporary Art
Vico Casana 31r, Genoa

such. / fax +390102530557


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cover PNF01 Corrado Zeni

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