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PHOTOGravuresMontages by Luc and Brunhild Ferrari

Headline: PHOTOGravuresMontages by Luc and Brunhild Ferrari
Artist: Luc e Brunhild Ferrari
Texts: AA.VV.
Language: Italian, English, French
Translations: Mathilda Gemmo
Release date: 15/11/2017
ISBN: 978-88-6057-386-5
Size: cm 21×21
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 152
Price: € 26.00

Catalog published following the exhibition “PRESQUE RIEN | Almost nothing: Tautology – Photoengravings and Photomontages by Luc and Brunhild Ferrari”, edited by Sergio Armaroli and Steve Piccolo, in collaboration with Andrea Cernotto, 19 September - 10 October 2017, ERRATUM, Milan. Info: www.made4art.it

Luc Ferrari was born in Paris in 1929. Start composing in 1946, while studying piano at the Conservatory; in 1958 entra nel Concrete Music Group rimanendovi fino al 1966. He collaborates with Pierre Schaeffer in the creation of the Groupe de Recherche Musicale; carries out pedagogical activities, realizes a series of programs on concrete music, carries out individual and collective instrumental research and co-creates a series of television programs. Numerous concerts during his career, the awards and retrospectives dedicated to his artistic production, which have been held all over the world. It goes out in Arezzo in 2005.

Brunhild Ferrari Meyer, composer and artist, he worked on the relationship between sound and image with Pierre Schaeffer at the Service de la Recherche de l'ORTF, French public radio broadcasting body. He has made several radio broadcasts in France over the years, United States and Germany. After the disappearance of her husband Luc, in 2005, ha fondato the Almost Nothing Association, les amis autour de Luc Ferrari and initiated and organized the biennial Presque Rien competition, currently in its fourth edition.

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