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The fullness

Headline: The fullness
Texts: Alberto Zanchetta
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-88-6057-090-1
Size: cm 15×21
Binding: Brossura filo reference
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 118
Price: € 12,00 – SOLD OUT

Artista / Autore: Olivo Barbieri, Ubaldo Bartolini, Alessandro Bazan, Matteo Bergamasco, Luigi Carboni, Andrea Chiesi, Marco Cingolani, Marco Citron, Giacomo Costa, Francesco De Grandi, Andrea Di Marco, Fulvio Di Piazza, Giovanni Frangi, Walter Gasperoni, Sabrina Giacomoni, Daniele Giunta, Hubert Kostner, Dacia Manto, Carla Mattii, Marco Neri, Robert Pan, Swain, Frederick Pietrella, Luke Piovaccari, Laura Pugno, Pierluigi Pusole, Except, Clare Tagliazucchi, Nicola Toffolini, Dany Vescovi, William Marc Zanghi

978-88-6057-090-1 ,

"In recent years our planet has been harassed by logging wild, inurbamenti so excessive as absurd, environmental upheavals that have produced and ecological imbalances that have endangered animal species. When it comes to landscape usually thought to nature, but nature as we understand it has lost its purity. "Taken from the text Reflections on the margin of plenitude. Travel Notes [memorandum ‘03-’09] Alberto Zanchetta.

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition "Fullness", by Alberto Zanchetta, Gallery of the Lodges and Museum San Francisco, Republic of San Marino (August-September 2009).

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