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THE RED DUCK. Traveling at sunset

Headline: THE RED DUCK. Traveling at sunset
Artista / Autore:
The Red Duck
ISBN: 978-88-6057-004-2
Size: cm 24×22
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 72
Illustrations: 49
Price: € 10,00

978-88-6057-004-2 ,

"It's the poetry of a double glance, towards the world and towards the self, that expressed with incomparable grace in the paintings of the Red Duck, Florentine artist who even checks this important exhibition has convinced him to quit the game of anonymity, from the habit of to sign with a pseudonym curious and suggestive, denying yourself in the limelight of the media and vernissages and preferring instead the exclusive identity of art.[…] The painting of the duck melts and "contaminates", with results of total news, cultural influences different but equally momentous. Through refined and expressive means today rarely seen for quality and persuasiveness, In fact, the Tuscan artist works on a linguistic area and suture boundary between different media, painting and photography, combining (with a recognizable stylistic, absolutely personal but also formed on the craft, academic lecture on the design and composition) interest and aptitude for urban visions, for the iconography of carryover from the visual codes and virtual media, of glossy magazines, Fashion, del marketing, Cinematographer, Television, movie, Video, with a strong feeling of melancholy and present. "
Taken from the text of Domenico Montalto.

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition THE RED DUCK traveling at sunset (28 April – 11 June 2006) at the gallery Bonioniarte Reggio Emilia.