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Enrico Pulsoni 1975 | 2021

Headline: Enrico Pulsoni 1975 | 2021
Artist: Enrico Pulsoni
Edited by: Antonello Twelve, critical anthology by Giulia Perugini
Texts: Antonello Twelve, Enrico Pulsoni
Language: Italian, English
Translations: Gregory Conti, Couple Larson, Laura Picchio
Release date: 27 July 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-530-2
Size: cm 21×28
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 368
Price: € 35.00

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Monograph dedicated to the work of the multifaceted artist Enrico Pulsoni (Avezzano, 1956).

“The result of a chameleonic and versatile project, able to adhere to any linguistic scale and to support with agility "an art system consisting of basic constant units and precise grammatical and syntactic rules that make it possible to operate in different contexts", the visual itinerary proposed by Enrico Pulsoni is the conscience of one primordal transcendence from which to start to cross the living present, the living presence of things, the actuality that extends into the future but also illuminates the past. […]
Articulating a discourse on the boundaries of architecture and pushing along the arteries of geometry (waxed paper weaves belong to this period, edgy collages, decoupage on wood or behavioral extraction formulas) Enrico Pulsoni starts his path with a preliminary and fundamental reductionism made up of abscissas and ordinates, of escape routes, of elementary forms, of circuits controlled by a thought whose core facilitates reception: hosts objects, masks, faces that look for a name or get lost in a tangle of polite and clear forms, contaminated and contaminants, sunk in the search for a magnetic totality ".

Taken from the introductory text "Evocazioni di sera" by Antonello Tolve

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