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PNF 01 – CORRADO ZENI. Last Paintings


Volume hardcover Ebook (PDF)

Headline: CORRADO ZENI | Last Paintings
Authors / artists: Corrado Zeni
Texts: Giacomo Costa
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-88-6057-213-4
Necklace: PageNotFound
Size: 16.5 × 23.5 cm
Binding: cartonato
Pages: 64
Price: € 25,00

Format: PDF
ISBN: 978-88-6057-215-8
Price: free download

In "Atlas," the change from the technical point of view, formal and conceptual is strong and important.
People seem to have finally found their proper context, Zeni seems that it no longer has the need to kidnap them in their everyday life but rather wants raccontarcele in their world, of course, interpreted in the light of his vision and his experiences. It would seem that the world is observed with distance is much closer to the vantage point from which the artist watched him eventually involve, to influence…drag it to the dance.
You could almost believe that Zeni has finally been invited to the party to which it was not previously allowed and which would not be part of it (?)…"I notice more if I come and I'm on the sidelines or if I do not come for nothing?”.
The human figures continue to do their daily activities but is no longer isolated from the white aseptic, no longer in the zoo of mental Corrado, not scrutinize under the magnifying glass, but in a real world where color and shapes tell true stories and lived, places and times.
The subjects of Conrad have thus regained their history.
The technical and the creative process is almost free from the scheme of the previous scientific research, are no longer necessary sketches and precise photographic montages, Zeni now it gathers on his canvas experienced making it interact with the rest of the world around him. Lets go to a painting more spontaneous and less controlled almost dreamlike.
Taken from the text of Giacomo Costa

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Volume hardcover, Ebook (PDF)