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George Laver

George Laver was born in Savona.

From 1972 He dedicates himself professionally to cinema and theatre. In 1975 he attended the Albisola ceramic school.

He collaborated with Salvatore Passarella and after the Chilean coup 1973 he painted a series of murals (Milan, Rome, Brescia, Vicenza).

He was born in 1972 the first solo exhibition at the Vultur Gallery in Genoa and in the same year he founded the "Rosacroce" theater group with Nando Anerdi of the Derby in Milan.

After a series of collaborations with various film productions, he shoots his first short film "Sleeping Beauty" inserted in a satirical-theatrical show of which he is also the author.

In the 70s he wrote and created 12 short films and a film “Marriage Bet”, which won the critics' award at the "Cinema in casa" Festival in Rome.

After a series of events where Cinema and Theater are inextricably linked to ceramics (stylistic code that identifies him throughout his fifty-year career) “Cineceramica” was born in 1986 which is presented for the first time in the Aeolian Islands on the occasion of the celebrations for the 80 years of Titanus Cinematografica which took on the patronage together with the Sicily Region.

“Ceramic photographs” taken from great films make up this exhibition which is also presented in Trani, Albissola Marina and in Milan in the Galleria del Duomo on the occasion of the award ceremony of the winning films in Venice in 1988.

At the end of the 1980s the first of the numerous experiments with Ceramics-Light-Movement was born. Among the many “Cineceramic Crime”, a theatrical piece presented as a national preview at the Borgio Verezzi Theater Festival.

In 1993 joins the French group Art Mobil with which he plans a series of events in Italy and France. Signs the first part of the Manifesto of the Mediterranean Artistic Movement with Patrick Moya and Veronique Champollion.

In 1996 fonda, with the Department of Mental Health of Genoa, “Il Giardino del Mago” with which he produces a very large series of works related to theatrical experimentation, cinematic and pictorial.

From 1997 presents a series of events in public spaces and galleries and in '98 he creates two works for the merchandise of the "Homage to Picasso" exhibition at Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

Years 2000 they are the beginning of an intense artistic activity which has produced exhibition events over the last twenty years, theater parts and film (beyond 300 all over the world).

From a cinematographic point of view he writes and directs four films produced by the ASL Mental Health Department 3 of Genoa (The marginalization of the Individual, 2002-2016) and a series of theatrical pieces performed in Italy and France.

He was called to be part of the Jury of the 57th Ceramics Award of the MIC of Faenza in 2011 and exhibits his “Ceramic Gigantism” at prestigious Italian and international museums and public spaces.

He wrote the first part of the “Manifesto of Mediterranean Ceramics” with Veronique Champollion and Patrick Moya (which will then be finished and presented in the Ceramics Museum of Albissola Marina with the French friend in 2005)

It is placed in Seoul, South Korea, a gigantic monumental sculpture representative of his Truka, cult lipstick now known throughout the world.

It is in these years, that the two major exhibitions for i are presented 42 and for i 45 years of career (“Weave”, 2014 and “Of Cinema, of the theater, of Ceramics and Giorgio Laveri, 2017) and that he was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Siena in 2016.

The national previews of his films "Metabar" and "I had a dream" are presented in Rome and in 2016 spins around Lima, in Peru, his feature film “Antes Sonaba”.

In the same year he began collaboration with the "Human Rights Museums" of Argentina and Chile and wrote and directed two theater-documentary events on the dictatorships of South America with the original audiovisual material of the time granted by the National Library of the Argentine Republic and the Chilean government.

In 2019 Laveri was awarded the recognition of Citizen with International Passport of Human Rights and the Santiago De Chile Culture Award at the La Pintana Theater.

This year, the fiftieth of his artistic career, will culminate with four anthological exhibitions: at the Museum of Ceramic Design in Laveno (Varese), at the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce, at the Galerie Bouillon d'Art in Ville de Bordeaux in France and at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.

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