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Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo. The sign and the matter

Headline: Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo. The sign and the matter
Artist: Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo
Edited by: Marco Cerruti
Texts: Marco Cerruti, Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo
Language: Italian
Release date: June 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-539-5
Size: cm 21×26
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 80
Price: € 25.00

Meet The Author

That of Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo is first and foremost Art for Man, it is a process of transformation of matter and spirit, it is a path towards the awareness of our being in space and time and of the infinite possibilities of creative expression of every man. The artist, as a contemporary alchemist, guides us on a journey through symbols and archetypes, between universal laws and primary geometric forms, in constant agreement with the concreteness of doing: who and now.

In an infinite game of possible shapes in space, Calvi di Bergolo gradually brings us back in tune with ourselves to the extent that we are willing to follow him. It does so by suggesting a path that, starting from the choice of a verb and passing through the infinite set of his calligraphic designs, it evokes in each of us the awareness of one's own expressive abilities. Like contemporary mandalas, the artist's drawings are a guide capable of awakening those innate intuitive abilities that each of us possesses, but which often remain unspoken. Come to this point, the next step will be to act directly on the matter, modifying it, with the determination to create your own "work of art".

From the text “Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo: art at the service of man "by Marco Cerruti

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