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Vasco Bendini. The matter of silence

Headline: Vasco Bendini. The matter of silence
Artist: Vasco Bendini
Texts: Valerio Dehò, Cristina Morato
Language: Italian, English
Translations: Ceil Jann Friedman
Release date: 11 June 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-538-8
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 64
Price: € 20.00

Meet The Author

Catalog of the exhibition “Vasco Bendini. The matter of silence ", edited by valerio Dehò, La Giarina Contemporary Art, Verona, 11 June 2022 – 24 September 2022.

In the year of the centenary of Vasco Bendini's birth (Bologna 1922 – Roma 2015) Giarina Arte Contemporanea intends to pay homage to him with an exhibition, The matter of silence, curated by Valerio Dehò, which traces his intense artistic activity from the 1950s to the 2000s through a selection of significant works.

Vasco Bendini's entire work was studied and followed especially in the 1950s and 1970s by the most important art critics of the period. It can be said that his "critical fortune" is of exceptional if not unique value. The risk of repeating itself in writing today by one of the greatest Italian artists of the twentieth century, it's pretty easy, but the reading of his work deserves considerations that are also able to get out of the pitfalls of diachrony. Reasoning around his work in relative rather than absolute terms, it is a mistake that makes no sense to go through. For this I take up some motivations that go from Calvesi, certainly the critic who understood him immediately, up to Bruno Corà in recent times, it is surprising how Vasco Bendini's poetics remained a sort of mysterious object, an open work, who never wanted to turn out to be safe solutions, to final readings.

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