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Today’s Life and War



Headline: Gohar Dashti
Authors / artists: Gohar Dashti
Texts: Silvia Cirelli
Translations: Lucia Prosino
Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-88-6057-203-5
Size: cm 24×30
Binding: paperback binding
Cover: with soft fins
Pages: 96
Illustrations: 36
Price: € 20,00

'80 Class, born and still lives in Tehran, Gohar Dashti is witnessing a period of the most critical of the recent history of this country (Iran, ed). With his art gives voice to a generation that has had to deal with collective tragedies soon became painful personal stories. Gohar mentre nasceva, Iran was overwhelmed by the Islamic Revolution, violently reversing the pattern of social and religious then, in favor of a government based on the rule of strict Koranic. While it took its first steps instead, consumption if the Iran-Iraq sanguinosa (1980-1988), eight years during which claimed the lives of more than eight hundred thousand young martyrs.
L'art di Gohar dasht, strongly influenced by the traces of this past, that can not be read in relation to such personal experiences. His is a story that goes towards a poetics that transforms life into art, telling the vulnerability and intimate restlessness of a generation wound from history.
Taken from the text "And the red moon is in alarm" by Silvia Cirelli