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Futuristic Vampire. The Futurists and Esotericism

Headline: Futuristic Vampire. The Futurists and Esotericism
Author: Guido Andrea Pautasso
Texts: Guido Andrea Pautasso, Luca Bochicchio (presentation), Sara Tongiani (preface), Andrea Kerbaker (invitation to read)
Language: Italian
Release date: 15/05/2018
ISBN: 978-88-6057-392-6
Necklace: MuDA Books
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 160
Price: € 19.00

This book is all a bite. There are male lovers who bite breasts, necks, arms, legs and any other available body part of the unfortunate companions; fatal and seductive women who indulge in these bites with voluptuousness that others hide, more prohibited, pleasures; unrepentant serial bites and one-time bites, of one night, victims of uncontrollable raptus; and many of them, if not all, in the throes of homicidal impulses. And then bats, dark and stormy nights, barley, satanic and tribal rites; in conclusion, all the macabre-fantastic paraphernalia that accompanies the human erotic imagination (but above all male) at least from the sublime invention of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Naturally, Futurism was filled with these slightly crazy and very morbid oddities, who has always found ample sources of inspiration in non-conformist fantasies. Starting with the founder and maximum leader Marinetti, all the writings of the movement are dripping with vampires and their exploits. Guido Andrea Pautasso, with the air of a philologist, he is able to track down every little clue on the ground, with references so vast that many times one gets the feeling that they are completely invented: why titles like Laughter and shave against visible and invisible beards of the free word poet Fernando Cervelli or The soul in a nightgown, poems by that Diego Calcagno, they seem to have been created from scratch by the author in the mood for jokes. But no, he swears, it's all true, all certified and documented by the vast bibliography at the end of the volume. All that remains is to take his word for it, hoping that such in-depth research has not made him a bit of a vampire too ...

Andrea Kerbaker

Guido Andrea Pautasso (Milan, 1969) he is an artist and essayist. He has published numerous articles in academic journals and national periodicals, he has curated historical exhibitions and has collaborated as a literary consultant with various Italian publishing houses and with Rai-Tv. From 2017 he curates the "Devouring Art / Devouring Art" column for the magazine "ArteIn World" and is part of the scientific committee of the THAYAHT cultural associations & RAM and Julius Evola Foundation Association.
Among the books and catalogs published are mentioned: Marco Nereo Rotelli-Shed by the sea in verbal blue (Free circulation, Pietrasanta 2017); futuristic fashion. Elegance and seduction (The secret, Milan 2016); Futurist Versilia. From the Republic of Apua to the raids of Marinetti and the Futurists in Versilia (Free circulation, Pietrasanta 2015); Mayakovsky. The flying proletariat (The secret, Milan 2015); Piero Manzoni. Devouring art (Elect, Milan 2015); Futurist cuisine. Theoretical posters, menus and documents (The secret, Milan 2015); Epic of Futurist Cuisine (Ed. Gallery D. Rallo, 2010). On the occasion of the centenary of Dracula, has published the essay "The vampire in Italian literature" (Vampires, North Publishing, Milan 1998).
He also edited the following volumes: Oriana Fallaci, It just so happens that I'm really a writer. Letters to Sergio Pautasso (1976-1977), De Piante Publisher, 2018; Sergio Pautasso, The poetic project (1954-2006) (Free circulation, Pietrasanta 2017); Sergio Pautasso, Versilia (Free circulation, Pietrasanta 2016); Tiziano Lera, The man's house between art and nature (Polistampa, Florence 2002); Tiziano Lera, The architecture of well-being (Little boy&Musolino, Florence 2000).

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