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Ilaria Gasparroni. Starting over from memory

Headline: Ilaria Gasparroni. Starting over from memory
Artist: Ilaria Gasparroni
Texts: Serena Filippini, Matteo Galbiati
Language: Italian
Release date: August 2020
ISBN: 978-88-6057-474-9
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 64
Price: € 20.00

Catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition “Ilaria Gasparroni. Starting from memory ", edited by Serena Filippini, Fort Strino, Vermilion (TN), 18 July – 13 September 2020.

The exhibition path of Starting over from memory, through some sculptural works in marble, gives life to an intense dialogue with the evocative spaces of the Austro-Hungarian fort.
The works of Ilaria Gasparroni (Sant’Omero, TO, 1989) they are halfway between present and past because, while using a material, the marble, which over the centuries has been used in art by the greatest artists of all ages, they remain anchored to the contemporaneity we are experiencing, by method of use, for issues addressed and for obvious generational reasons related to the young age of the artist.
From their very essence, then, they have a deep bond with Forte Strino and its being a symbol of the past, but at the same time a witness to the present, Since, being a museum, continues to tell stories and lives today, also through contemporary art exhibitions that over the years, since its opening in 1998, it hosted.

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