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Contract Silvio Vigliaturo. The soul in the glass

Headline: Contract Silvio Vigliaturo. The soul in the glass
Artist: Silvio Vigliaturo
Texts: Francesca Carbone
Language: Italian, English
Release date: December 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-560-9
Size: cm 21×27
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 104
Price: € 27.00

“The soul in the glass – CONTRACT SILVIO VIGLIATURO” ​​is the first GARTOUR project that is celebrated within the well-known Underground Cathedrals protected by Unesco, an innovative and fruitful dialogue between two great protagonists of Italian and international art and oenology of our time: Maestro Silvio Vigliaturo and the Contract winery.
A winery with a centuries-old history meets contemporary art; a union generated by GART, a young art gallery based in the Langhe, which based on three principles explore, go beyond, love the experience identifies and realizes the first GARTOUR project.
Thus the link between artistic creativity and winemaking is crowned, two production capacities resulting from inventive talent.

Francesca Carbone