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Re Genesis #2 – On the edge of the sky

Headline: Re Genesis #2 – On the edge of the sky
Artists: Matteo Mezzadri, Jorge R. Pombo
Edited by: Sandro Orlandi Stagl
Texts: Sandro Orlandi Stagl, Matteo Mezzadri, Jorge R. Pombo
Language: Italian
Release date: 17 June 2021
ISBN: 978-88-6057-503-6
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 80
Price: € 22.00

God said: “Let the firmament be in the midst of the waters, to separate the waters from the waters "… so it happened and it was evening and morning.

The facts narrated in Genesis, even if carried over over the centuries by popular tradition, they are rich in symbolism and do not want to document historical facts or express ideas of a scientific nature, but offer teachings. Symbolic language has always been a way to establish a relationship between the invisible and the visible, between the ultra-sensitive and the sensitive. Art has also always been rich in symbols and artistic creation is nothing more than a slow process of transition from a mental conception to a formal realization that describes it.

Per Jorge R. Pombo and Matteo Mezzadri there is no difference between infinite and finite but, ranging between non-being and becoming, they remain symbolically balanced on the "edge of the sky". For them it is not important to represent or portray any reality but, using a personal language, give shape to their own reflections and intuitions, to one's being and, while remaining in the imagination, send messages, if not some teachings (certainly some warnings).

Sandro Orlandi Stagl


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