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Luigi Russolo engraver. General catalog of etchings

Headline: Luigi Russolo engraver
Subtitle: General catalog of etchings
Author: Mattia Lapperier
Artist: Luigi Russolo
Language: Italian
Release date: September 2020
ISBN: 978-88-6057-470-1
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 192
Price: € 30.00

Meet The Author

The genesis of the futurist's engraving corpus Luigi Russolo (Portogruaro, 30 April 1885 - Laveno-Mombello, 4 February 1947) it is closely linked to the cultural stimuli received when these, still very young, he moved to Milan with the intention of pursuing an artistic career.
Therefore starting from his training, Mattia Lapperier makes use of the documentation found in the '900 Archive of the Mart of Rovereto and some private funds, to carry out a substantial re-reading of the entire collection of Russolian etchings, redefining it, at least in part, chronology and operand, for the first time, a distinction between the many runs made and the various engraving techniques tested. The identification of these different approaches was also possible thanks to indications from the heir of the printer who produced at least two runs of most of the etchings, by virtue of the study of the intaglio plates kept at the Nicolò Bettoni Civic Library in Portogruaro.
Although Russolo is mainly remembered for his musical experiments and for his brilliant intuition of the harmonization of noise (he was a signatory of the manifesto The art of noises, dated 11 March 1913), this study intends to give due credit to Russolo's engravings: lucid synthesis of technical quality, executive virtuosity and expressive complexity.

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