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Giovanni Campus – Time in process. Connection measures reports – Work path 1963-2021

Headline: Giovanni Campus – Time in process. Connection measures reports
Subtitle: Work path 1963-2021
Artist: Giovanni Campus
Edited by: Matteo Galbiati
Texts: Placido Cherchi, Matteo Galbiati, Giovanni Campus
Language: Italian
Release date: 11 June 2021
ISBN: 978-88-6057-494-7
Size: cm 21×28
Format: cartonato
Pages: 112
Price: € 29.00

The expressive methods and the creative story of Giovanni Campus are clearly defined if one observes his extensive research path in an "anthological" way. IS, in fact, impossible to split into parts or subdivide into experiences, although different types of works for languages ​​are distinctly observed, materials, form, techniques and textures, his long artistic and aesthetic path that, made up of minimal variations, is inscribed in a determined and decisive logic with respect to the duty of the work - and of art in general - to manifest itself as a fact constituting a reflection on the reality of the world. In this sense, his incessant work is nourished by a philosophical and ethical coherence that "obliges" the artist himself to a discipline that becomes an expressive itinerary, reaffirmed and pronounced, in every circumstance of its prolific manifestation.

(from the text “Giovanni Campus: the work, a process that measures the visible and beyond ”by Matteo Galbiati)

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