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Francesco Totaro. Diptychon | Dialogic Diptychs

Headline: Francesco Totaro. Diptychon | Dialogic Diptychs
Artist: Francesco Totaro
Texts: Francesca Di Giorgio
Language: Italian
Release date: 20 April 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-532-6
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 64
Price: € 20.00

Meet The Author

Catalog of the Francesco Totaro exhibition. Diptychon | Dialogic Diptychs, edited by Francesca Di Giorgio, La Giarina Contemporary Art, Verona, 12 March 2022 – 28 May 2022.

Conceived as a single large installation, Diptychon | Dialogic Diptychs by Francesco Totaro marks the setting designed for the spaces of a gallery that the artist knows very well: The Giarina Contemporary Art of Verona.

Four rooms for one Virtual exhibition catalog of works that develop a real narrative within a free and immersive path.

Using the word Virtual exhibition catalog I unconsciously evoke not only the more direct meaning of collection, reunion of several works, around a given matter, but also that relationship between subjects and things that determine the material element of possession. […]

Faced with the works of Francesco Totaro we perceive this dissolution by simultaneously coming into contact with different stories: each work, while being part of a unitary exhibition idea, it tells "only" a part of a larger story that we can reassemble by crossing the thematic "epicenters" that find field in each of the four rooms of the gallery. Physical and ideal rooms, together, related and interconnected and to which all the different parts in which this volume is fragmented are connected.

[From the text A matter of entanglement. An infinite "interweaving" of possibilities by Francesca Di Giorgio]

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