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(Diary) Valentina Biasetti

Headline: (Diary) Valentina Biasetti
Artist: Valentina Biasetti
Texts: Valentina Biasetti, Gabriele Salvaterra
Language: Italian
Release date: 4 November 2021
ISBN: 978-88-6057-488-6
Size: cm 21×28
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 112
Price: € 30.00

Meet The Author

Monographic book dedicated to the artist Valentina Biasetti (Parma, 1979).

[…] For Valentina, the habit of studying and the form of the diary - domestic and intimate devices - are the means to attempt the multiple experiments of personalities, symbols of stasis projected into the whole, in a polarity between closed and open, private and public, particular and absolute […].
From the "door of the room" in which Valentina Biasetti draws, characters enter who have the same appearance as the author but pose in an exhibited and mischievous manner. They wink at the camera represented by the frame of the canvas and show themselves, often undressed, satisfying the expectations of a masculine and objectifying gaze. Behind those posed self-portraits there is an exhibition and actor's work that takes the subject out of himself to tread hypothetical identity paths, change the mask of normality and have fun playing a part, even the one that on paper would appear the least suitable and "adequate". If art is to transcend the everyday, in the separate space of the room where your practice takes place, in the suspended time of daily work, Valentina poses, becoming someone else to make the multiplied self the starting model of artistic activity.

From the text “Valentina Biasetti. The journey inside the head (and inside the studio)”By Gabriele Salvaterra.

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