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Davide Maria Coltro. Infinite transits of the Medial Picture

Headline: Davide Maria Coltro. Infinite transits of the Medial Picture
Artist: Davide Maria Coltro
Edited by: Alberto Fiz
Texts: AA.VV.
Language: Italian
Release date: October 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-533-3
Size: cm 21×28
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 176
Price: € 30.00

Meet The Author

Monographic volume, curated by Alberto Fiz, dedicated to the artist Davide Maria Coltro (Verona, 1967) with texts by Aida Accolla, Chiara Canali, Luigi Codemo, Joseph Di Pasquale, Alberto Fiz, Marcello Francolini, Maria Fratelli, Patrizia Nuzzo.

"Coltro's open work challenges the infinite and manifests itself in front of the viewer who is forced to deal with a fragmented and problematic vision with the Media Framework that acts as an unstable apparition, erasing the mnemonic traces each time. There is no longer a time for contemplation, rather the perspective of change according to a logic that seems to absorb the neuroses and idiosyncrasies of contemporaneity. By its nature, the Medial Picture does not go back and does not contain traces of its passage, but it triggers a process of progressive transformation according to the will of the artist who has the power of life and death over his creations.
Coltro can intervene on the subject by introducing a sequence or a renewed coloring. Or change the image hanging on the wall of the house by magically transforming a landscape into a portrait ".

From the text The revolution of the Medial Framework by Alberto Fiz

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