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Dagobert Rodriguez. alternative future

Headline: Dagobert Rodriguez. alternative future
Artist: Dagobert Rodriguez
Texts: lorenzo civiero, Aluna Curatorial Collective (Adriana Herrera & Willy Castellanos), Jerome Sans, Diana Cuellar Ledesma
Language: English, Italian, Spanish
Release date: 29 April 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-535-7
Size: cm 24×28
Format: cartonato
Pages: 192
Price: € 35.00

Meet The Author

The last hundred years have been one of the periods of greatest creative exuberance in the history of mankind. In this century, in fact, art has even aspired to change society. In his seminal text "The Shock of Modern Art" Robert Hughes, Australian art critic, concludes his work with these words: "Art discovers its true social use not on an ideological level, but opening the passage between feeling and meaning. Not for all, but for those who want to try. This impulse seems to be immortal ".

The year is 1980. Forty years have passed and Dagoberto Rodríguez (Caibarién, The villages, Cuba, 1969) takes up these themes introducing us to a world where the irony and nostalgia of the game, perhaps never experienced, they act as a counterpoint to concepts and ideas, than today more than ever, they call man to profound reflections precisely on the social level.

With a magical intuition, Dagoberto used the form of Lego, repeated indefinitely, watercolored with a superfine technique, to give life to images of strong and engaging visual impact.

[From the text alternative future by Lorenzo Civiero]

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