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Andrew Smaldone. Correlative

Headline: Andrew Smaldone. Correlative
Artist: Andrew Smaldone
Texts: the memory and our experience of materials, Alexandra Rojas Fuentes
Language: Italian, English
Release date: 8 May 2023
ISBN: 978-88-6057-579-1
Size: cm 22×22
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 64
Price: € 20.00

Meet The Author

«The rarefied time in Andrew Smaldone's works comes from the observation of architecture and a similar extraction process. The space generates images linked to a memory of the artist in which art, how to practice, as training, as perception, he occupied those rooms: an art school in London, a non-profit gallery in Italy. The moment they are portrayed, abandoned the original function, Andrew's architectures reveal that they retain a dormant memory of their history, of what they have received. It's about something that, as in the visions of Resnais' characters, it has not hardened into a final form, but it keeps changing, it remains plastic and modifiable by those who return to lift the curtain to let the light pass.

Sensibly it is precisely the light (more persistent than smells and tastes, more pervasive than any other factor in triggering reminiscence) to convey the memory: its deposit on surfaces, its attenuation, his create, together in the shade, a mirrored world, more intense, fragile, deeper than the material world".

From the text "The last year somewhere else" by Pietro Gaglianò

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