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Officinars edition 2019-2021. Between shipwrecks and flights

Headline: Officinars edition 2019-2021. Between shipwrecks and flights
Artists: AA:VV.
Texts: Francesca Baboni, Maria Teresa Crispo, Daniele De Luigi
Language: Italian
Release date: 12 May 2021
ISBN: 978-88-6057-458-9
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 104
Price: € 23.00

Catalog of the Officinars art prize edition 2019-2021 | Between shipwrecks and flights, Villa Sistemi Reggiana, Reggio Emilia.

Part 1: 23 November – 21 December 2019, selected artists: Alessandra Calò, Giacomo Modolo, Silvia Paci, Ersilia Sarrecchia, Angela Viola.

Part 2: December 2021, selected artists: Francesco Amorosino, Alessandra Brown, Sofiya chotyrbok, Giacomo Infantino, Romain Kulczycki.

“In this pandemic year, no one would ever have expected a theme of shipwreck and flight to be so absolutely propitious and centered. Because despite the winning works they were made in the year preceding the pandemic, in these tumultuous times their poetics take on an even more pregnant and incisive meaning. The sweet shipwreck in fact, it has become a daily fight against the waves of a stormy sea that surprises you from behind and when culture is relegated to an accessory and obsolete good, it is right to reiterate its importance. The artists have in fact worked in an evocative and original way on the theme, even in unsuspecting times, showing how there is always a reliable margin between the fall and the recovery ". (from the text "Flights of rebound" by Francesca Baboni)

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