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Nunzio Paci. De Signatura Rerum

Headline: De Signatura Rerum
Authors / artists: Nunzio Paci
Texts: Davide W. Pairone
Translations: Sara Vivenzio
Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-88-6057-177-9
Size: cm 24×30
Binding: paperback binding
Cover: with flaps
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 85
Price: € 20,00

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Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition of Nunzio Paci “De Signatura Rerum”, Yards of Image, Milan, 21 February – 31 March 2013.

The physiology of animals and plants, the fiber, i nervi, le ossa, matter: are the compositional elements used by Nunzio Paci, modules stripped to the bone and torn symmetries that are grafted on each other, weight taken from the imaginary pre-scientific, by the pioneers of anatomy and pathology, ceroplastic its orbit from the tradition that the University of Bologna, where he also studied Gaetano Zumbo, counts masters such as Cesare Giuseppe Astori and Bettini. In the work of Nunzio Paci therefore converge different ancestries, kin, affinity, that result in a look at the same time pre-and post-scientific, in search of the hidden codes in the body of the world and the secret language with which the book of nature is written. In turn the gaze produces signs, multiplying the connections and expanding the book with new pages. It is no coincidence that the basic structure on which rest the bold figures hybrid Paci is almost standard: a mixture of matter, a scroll painting like a page torn incunable or an old codex - or to a codified system of shared knowledge and learning - while the reduced range of colors and prints evoke the graphical summary, engravings, monotipi. Another basic feature is the strict division of all the works on display in a higher level and a lower, but continually spilling into one another. So sometimes the creatures of Paci sink roots and legs in the air while plunging skulls, chests and leaves into the soil, as in fact happens in the bizarre nature that surrounds us when organisms breathe and ground water.
Taken from the text "De Signatura Rerum" by David W. Pairone

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