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Nocivelli Award 2022 – XIV edition

Headline: Nocivelli Award 2022 – XIV edition
Artists: AA.VV.
Texts: AA.VV.
Language: Italian
Release date: 23 November 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-553-1
Size: cm 21×21
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 144
Price: € 29.00

Catalog of the 14th edition of the Nocivelli Prize contemporary art competition with the works of the winners and finalist artists.

“[…] There were three hundred and forty applications. The first examination led to the selection of twenty-three finalists – seven for both photography and sculpture, nine for painting –, to get to the list of six winning names, two per category. By photography they were selected Marina Arienzale and Nicoletta Grillo, for sculpture Federico Balconi and Michelle Longone, for painting they were selected Jacopo Zambello and Andrew Pelizzari, which was awarded the palm of the overall winner.

The quality of the work goes without saying as the evaluation criterion adopted, but it would mean everything and nothing if it didn't find declination in a not merely technical-executive angle. The identified quality contemplates an awareness and conceptual depth that emerges from the work and its presentation, the artist's ability to articulate it in critical choices of language, knowledge in the use of materials and media”.

Alessandra Pioselli
President of the Jury

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