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Marcello Campora. Miles to school

Headline: Marcello Campora. Miles to school
Artist: Marcello Campora
Texts: Domenico Buscaglia, Marcello Campora, Tiziana Casapietra
Language: Italian
Release date: June 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-540-1
Size: cm 21×26
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 96
Price: € 26.00

“Miles a scuola” is a photographic project by Marcello Campora made between May 2021 and May 2022 within some classes of the CPIA – Provincial Center for Adult Education of Savona.

How was born the work "Miles a Scuola"?
It all starts from "The Last Hour", a photographic project that I made in 2020 during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and with which I portrayed the schools closed due to the lockdown. The CPIA of Savona was one of the educational centers that gave me the opportunity to enter the deserted classrooms.
In 2021, with school lessons resumed in person, I received an invitation from the head teacher Domenico Buscaglia to return to visit him at the CPIA to be able to see, this time, what he described to me as "the full school".
When in the following days we met, the manager described to me the beauty of that experience that every day put him in contact with the cultural and human value of meeting people arriving from all over the world. He also spoke to me about the complexity and the problems to be faced. The difficulties are both internal and external: the former are due to the coexistence of students of different languages ​​and habits, not always easy to manage as part of a collective lesson; the second to the fact that the school is located in a city that is not yet ready to consider integration as an opportunity for cultural growth.
It was during this conversation that Buscaglia asked me if I was interested in describing the reality of that school because he believed it testified to the social transformation taking place that had to be told and shared..
My intent has always been to photograph the world in transformation because I consider it the engine of cultural progress and I have always tried to do it starting from my personal experiences.. This is why I immediately accepted the proposal, starting the "Miles a scuola" project.

From the conversation “Miles a scuola: the story of a world on the way "with Marcello Campora by Tiziana Casapietra.

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