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Headline: Data on Imperfection
Authors / artists: Alexander Berger, Gianni Moretti, Maria Elisabetta Novello
Texts: Martina Cavallarin, Alexander Berger
Language: Italian, English
Translations: Spaziolingue
Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-88-6057-172-4
Size: 21×29,7 cm
Binding: grecata brossura and fresata
Pages: 96
Illustrations: 121
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DATA ON IMPERFECTION is an exhibition that focuses on those conceptual aspects of contemporary artistic experimentation that have no accents on predefined codes, but on an investigation linked to the recurrence of failure as a purpose and practice, to imperfection as a desirable and multiplicative aspect. Art has the duty to make an attempt at mental physiotherapy to the maladapted and tattered muscle of collective awareness and DATA ON IMPERFECTION represents an effort that thrives on broader visions and necessary experimentations. Alessandro Bergonzoni's installations, Gianni Moretti, Maria Elisabetta Novello will inhabit the spaces of the Factory Art as organisms in transformation, bodies, se­gni, masse, mutant hues. The works become donors of an idea full of data, data of a disconnected and unfolding order, that ungovernable order that is in the very essence of the fallacious and imperfect human being and for this reason extraordinarily interesting. Art stands as an instrument of conscience, passage bridge from private to public and from public to private, Art as a system of relationships and an infinite negotiation of points of view, art as container and sick bearer of data on imperfection (DATA ON IMPERFECTION). It is necessary to position oneself on the limit of the Duchampian inframince, that imperceptible and uncataloguable zone in which the earth is inhabited in the middle, the no man's land to be regenerated, rehabilitate, translate, touch, watch, live.
Taken from the text "DATA ON IMPERFECTION" by Martina Cavallarin

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