Alexandria Biennale. Shapes of Time

Headline: Alexandria Biennale. Shapes of Time
Texts: Fabrizio Boggiano, Roberto Borghi, Raffaella Caruso, Guido Cecere, Eleonora Lucangeli, Sabrina Raffaghello, Livia Savorelli, Laura Villani
Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-88-6057-068-0
Size: cm 24,5×30
Binding: Board
Pages: 384
Illustrations: 492
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Undertake the project of a biennial contemporary art and specifically with photography and video, involves binding to the site, to the city and its historic homes and modern, an extraordinary job that allows you to re-evaluate, in terms of continuity and transformation, and physical structures of thought momentarily suspended. Il concept, is divided according to the complex architecture of the first edition of the Biennale di Alessandria - by Sabrina Raffaghello - focuses on photography and video, understood as languages ​​in the congenial reflect the "feel" of our age. The project reflects on the shapes of time, on many forms and conceptions of time in the fragmented and layered richness of contemporary international artistic visions. It is made, then, require a thematic division reasoned entrusted to 6 curators and distributed 9 sections collective - to which are added some solo shows significant spread in the beautiful town homes.
Alongside the big names including Nadar, Atget, Cartier-Bresson, Orlan, Street, LaChapelle, Serrano, Corbijn… interesting as the presence of young, among which - just to name a few - Alessandra Baldoni, Nicola Vinci, Simone Bergantini, Daniela Cavallo, Regina José Galindo.

Volume published on the occasion of the Biennale of Alexandria. Shapes of Time, 2008.

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