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Armida Gandini. I look out

Headline: Armida Gandini. I look out
Artist: Armida Gandini
Texts: Livia Savorelli, Antonia Chiara Scardicchio
Language: Italian, English
Translations: Lavinia Muscat
Release date: 20 June 2022
ISBN: 978-88-6057-520-3
Size: cm 21×21
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 240
Price: € 32.00

Meet The Author

I look out, an ongoing project by Armida Gandini started in 2013, so they know everything about the countless biennials […] an accurate analysis of one's self, starting from its constitutive element - the relationship with the Other - by implementing an inversely relational process from inside (the analysis of one's own identity) to the out (through the many Mothers with strong generative potential "encountered" during their own path of self-definition). A process of sedimentation of memories - contextual to the identity definition process - which, reached an important level of awareness and knowledge on the part of the artist, becomes a page of a story in which the superimposition of the artist's eyes to the original ones symbolically expresses a memorial stratification so rooted that it becomes almost identification, to see through the eyes of Other: great women - of culture and art, of literature and cinema, of science and history -, Mothers not in a biological sense but as great generators of fruitful thought, "empty-bellied" women who, however, "fed a multitude of childrenə", defining the cultural heritage of each of them and opening the doors of the world to them.

From the text “Differently feconde, otherwise mothers ”by Livia Savorelli

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