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ARSCODE – the game of art | BASIC Edition

Arscode – the game of art | Board game

Launch pack containing:

    With the regulation, photographic reproduction of all 84 works included in the game and the presentation of 42 artists who made them.

  • 144 MENU divided into:
    – 84 Opera Book of 42 artists
    – 48 Action Cards with events and characters
    6 Magic Card + Promemoria Round (the game modes at each turn)
    – 6 Score Cards + Secondary Goals


Build the most valuable Art Collection and defeat the other Collectors!

ARSCODE – The game of art® is a board game and a cultural project that projects you into the world of contemporary art, making many of the mechanisms that regulate the art system. Thanks to the book contained in the box, you will know the artists and the works you will play with.

What is the goal? You will have to build the most valuable art collection by purchasing, at every turn, new works, reproduced on the Opera Book. The collection thus constructed will be conditioned - for better or for worse - by it Action Cards which represent the unknown of the game, making you meet characters and face events that simulate reality.

Thanks to the streamlined and immediate regulation, playing is simple and intuitive.

In this game of collectible cards (expandable thanks to expansions, Deluxe editions and Special Cards published periodically) you can try your hand at 9 round of the match in three different modes (base for the first challenges, intermediate and advanced / tournament).

ARTISTS: Guido Airoldi, George Bormida, Matthias Brandes, Elisa Cella, Andrea Cereda, Andrea Chiesi, Antonella Cinelli, Davide Coltro, Vania Comoretti, Carolina Corno, Vanni Cuoghi, Carlo D’Orta, Max Farina, Marica Fasoli, Manuel Felisi, Jernej Forbici, Ilaria Gasparroni, Roberto Ghezzi, Fabio Giampietro, Claudia Giraudo, Federica Gonnelli, Fosco Grisendi, Carla Iacono, Julian T., Nataly Maier, Angelo Marinelli, Vincenzo Marseille, Mr. Savethewall, Barbara Nati, Nerosunero, Jasmine Pignatelli, Carlo Pizzichini, Melissa Provezza, Lorenzo Puglisi, Tobia Ravà, Lucrezia Roda, Elisa Rossi, Ersilia Sarrecchia, Tina Sgrò, Giorgio Tentolini, Samantha Torrisi, Marika Vicari.

Arscode - the game of art | Basic edition

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