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Friday 5 November, pm 18.00

Brancaccio Palace, Contemporary Cluster
Via Merulana, 248
00184 Rome

Tel: 06 31709949

They will present the volume The Edge of Equilibrium Friday 5 November, pm 18.00, in the Hall of Mirrors of Palazzo Brancaccio, Stretcher Boemio, with the artist Laura Cionci and the teacher Daniele Conversi.

The Edge of Equilibrium intertwines a dialogue with several voices, rather than making a fixed statement, offering a broad picture of the art communities, earth-based, low-impact alternative ways of life, and addressing issues and dilemmas relevant to an epochal renewal.

The volume consists of three chapters in which essays, conversations and artist's projects interact closely, bringing a variety of interpretations on the theme of non-mainstream art groups, rural communities and activism of an ethical and ecological matrix.

The volume expands like a constellation, whose facets make up a polyphonic design.

Boemio's research began in an extremely natural way, combining what it deems essential: love and defense for nature, key principles of co-existence and contemporary art.

In a phase of profound disintegration, pandemic, of estrangement from others and from social life, the author considered it essential to configure a short atlas in which frugality portrays a suggestive picture in which various forms of community (central theme of analysis for the philosophy of the twentieth century) and groups that deviate from the art mainstream and artists provide the basis for the research and revitalization of the counterculture by proposing a "new world".

The publication consists of essays, conversations and artist projects made by: Daniele Conversi, Stretcher Boemio, Zanny Begg, Adrian Parr, David I hope, Oliver Ressler con Brandon Bauer, Carolina Caycedo, Robby Herbst con Elana Mann, Laura Cionci, Ed Gomez, Carmina Escobar with Micaela Tobin, Homeless Collective, Mike Rogers, Susana Rodriguez, Hannah Hughes con Jamie Hamilton, Marco Ranieri, Marina Moreno, Maria Antonietta Scarpari, Irene Ranzato, Andrea Picard, e Ben Rivers.

The Edge of Equilibrium, edited by Camilla Boemio, was published by Vanillaedizioni, in July 2021.
The cover was created by the English graphic designer Rick Casson.

Camilla Boemio is a writer and art curator whose most recent book is As Brilliant As The Sun.

blog http://aniconics.wordpress.com

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