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Vanillaedizioni is pleased to announce that Saturday 30 April 2022, pm 18.00, the presentation of the monographic volume will be held GENERATION BEYOND of the artist Andrea Marchesini (Verona, 1973) at the Vico Spinola Gallery of Savona (Vico Spinola, 2R). The artist will be present.

Andrea Marchesini's painting returns a translated autobiography, a translated idea of ​​what the artist is and how he perceives himself in relation to the world: body and thought in the flow of that continuous evolution proper to the human species.
That's why the roundup of types, i Frankenstein 2.0 of the most recent pictorial production, can already be considered ancestors of Generation Beyond, a Generation Beyond where the beyond indicates the continuous tension of humanity to overcome itself: not following a hierarchical direction of ascent as an end in itself but an evolutionary / spiritual sense. A higher stage reachable through a deconstructive phase followed by a constructive one. Gives the destroying part a the building - as Nietzsche would say, from which Marchesini lets himself be inspired - something is born, someone, that did not exist before, generating from pieces of a puzzle reshuffled on purpose with the intention of witnessing the birth of those that the artist defines, note, "Contemporary Frankensteins", beings in continuous meditation / reflection and struggling to face their own growth path.

From the text The Shape of Inner Forms by Francesca di Giorgio

Vico Spinola Gallery
Vico Spinola 2R, 17100 Savona
+39 348 2602089 – info@galleriavicospinola.it

Technical sheet of the book:

Headline: Andrea Marchesini. Generation Beyond
Artist: Andrea Marchesini
Texts: Francesca Di Giorgio, Annalisa Ambrosio
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-88-6057-507-4
Size: cm 16,5×24
Format: paperback binding
Pages: 96
Price: € 23.00