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INVITATION Enrico Pulsoni

Press release

Presentation of the Enrico Pulsoni monograph 1975 | 2021

edited by Antonello Twelve

Friday 2 December, hours 17.30
National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome
Hall of Columns

They intervene:
Joseph Appella, art historian
Alexandra Jovicevic, professor at the La Sapienza University of Rome
Silvio Mignano, writer, poet, Italian Ambassador in Bern
Enrico Pulsoni, artist
Antonello Twelve, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and editor of the volume

Friday 2 December, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art presents the monograph entitled Enrico Pulsoni 1975 | 2021 published by Vanillaedizioni, containing texts by the artist and Antonello Tolve, volume editor.

The work traces the work of Enrico Pulsoni, trained architect and artist, today holder of the chair of Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and coordinator of cultural activities of the Filiberto and Bianca Menna Foundation in Rome, where one of his most recent works was presented, titled 8 Mementi Molli and other narratives, edited by Antonello Tolve.

His career has also developed beyond national borders and he has exhibited his works in Italian and foreign galleries.

“The result of a chameleonic and versatile project, capable of adhering to every linguistic scale and of accommodating with agility an art system made up of constant basic units and precise grammatical and syntactic rules that make it possible to function in different contexts, the visual itinerary proposed by Enrico Pulsoni (Avezzano, 1956) it is awareness of a primordial transcendence from which to start to cross the lebendige Gegenwart, the living presence of things, the actuality that extends into the future but also illuminates the past. […]. Articulating a discourse on the boundaries of architecture and pushing along the arteries of geometry (waxed paper weaves belong to this period, edgy collages, decoupage on wood or behavioral extraction formulas) Enrico Pulsoni starts his path with a preliminary and fundamental reductionism made up of abscissas and ordinates, of escape routes, of elementary forms, of circuits controlled by a thought whose core facilitates reception: hosts objects, masks, faces that look for a name or get lost in a tangle of polite and clear forms, contaminated and contaminants, sunk in the search for a magnetic totality " so writes Antonello Tolve (from the introductory text Evocations in the evening).

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