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Figure 2022

Six Italian artists, custodians of millenary knowledge linked to unique techniques and forms of expression, six women who have disrupted customs and who have chosen each other for professional esteem: Antonella Cinelli, Roberta Dallara, Ilaria Margaret, Roberta Serenari, Vania Elettra Tam and Roberta Ubaldi are the protagonists of the Small Festival of Iconic Art, FIGURE scheduled a Bologna, on the occasion of Art Fair and in the context of Art City.

FIGURE, the Piccolo Festival of Iconic Art, has come to his second edition scheduled in Bologna (That's good, Via de 'Pepoli 1/2). The festival, all female, was born from the need of a group of Italian professional artists - Antonella Cinelli, Roberta Dallara, Ilaria Margaret, Roberta Serenari, Vania Elettra Tam and Roberta Ubaldi - who have made figurative painting and great technical expertise their distinctive feature, to offer a new way of sharing art and its knowledge, to meet and create a moment of discussion on the themes of painting and realistic drawing within the contemporary world. Unhinging the custom that accompanies the exhibitions, for which it is the gallerists and curators to select, the artists have given life to an operation that starts from the bottom, from choosing each other, because the primary need is exclusively to create the possibility of a direct confrontation between the artists, in order to grow professionally, culturally and technically.

Title of the edition 2022 of FIGURABILIA is EXIT, a moment of confrontation of the artists on the results and perspectives of their personal artistic research paths born and carried out during the long and permanent period of the pandemic, completely free from market needs. The exhibition is open to the public, with the intent is not to limit this experience to the exhibition in question, but to strive to achieve, throughout the coming year, workshop, meetings and debates held by professional artists, for professionals and non-professionals, in order to create an open laboratory around figuration. To accompany them in this second edition, in an open dialogue on the proposed theme, and always reversing the usual dynamics, the artists invited the art critic and curator Carlo Micheli to them, responsible for the exhibition office of the municipality of Mantua for over thirty years

“FIGURABILIA must be lived with the same feverish expectation as when, as children, we were waiting for the circus. Maybe one of those minor circuses, self-managed, where the trapeze artist also takes care of the lights, but where by choice high-level attractions have been found, eager to change some rules of the show, where six artists six offer high school numbers, comparing with the public and with the experts to understand, to be understood, to understand each other - says Micheli - It is a pebble thrown into the pond, but it has huge expectations, because it will involve the “upper floor of you- is "and this is what art needs most, Today more than ever".

The Festival, realized with the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna, it also obtained the support of the Emilia - Romagna Legislative Assembly: "This exciting small festival dedicated to figurative art has caught the attention of the Regional Parliament as it arises from the will of aggregation by six professional artists who, overturning the usual mechanisms, they have chosen each other for esteem and friendship - says President Emma Petitti - in such a difficult and uncertain moment, in which women's work risks a further contraction, it is essential that the institutions support those professionals who, day after day, they make artistic research a choice of life, so that their contribution to the cultural debate is not nullified and their ideas continue to contribute to the civil growth of society ".


The exhibition will open to the public its spaces within the That's good of Bologna on Friday 13 May at 17.30 and will remain open until 22.00.

Saturday 14 maggithe, give her 15.00, Diego Santamaria this is the summary of the new edition of ARSCODE, the first board game dedicated to the world of contemporary art, which transforms the participants into art collectors: 144 cards of which 84 Eighty galleries with a broad overview of modern and contemporary art 42 artists of the emerging Italian scene. Round after round, players must purchase them and thus add the works to their collection. There is a numerical reference on each card: the one that defines the value of the work itself to assign the victory to the player. Santamaria has always been passionate about board games and has combined this passion with his love for art, a love that led him to manage, from 2000, Espoarte Contemporay Art Magazine, art and culture magazine, and the publishing house Vanillaedizioni, specialized in contemporary art.

“Who says that holiness cannot be a matter for everyone? An experience within the reach of each of us? Because it can't be an everyday job? We get up in the morning and go to be a saint without knowing it? Sunday at 17.00 the artist Roberta Dallara presents I want you! Recruited for holiness, the book (2021, Nfc editions) in which he recounts his experience of research and representation of the saints: just saying, he took them out of their frames and discovered them among the common people, proposing a look that can no longer be put aside.

FIGURABILIA - Small festival of iconic art
II edition

Project conception and artistic direction by Antonella Cinelli

Artist: Antonella Cinelli, Roberta Dallara, Ilaria Margaret, Roberta Serenari, Vania Elettra Tam, Roberta Ubaldi.

With the participation of the art critic Carlo Micheli
Graphic project: MetAlternatives (Vania Elettra Tam)
Media Partner: Exit Urban Magazine

FIGURE is made under the patronage of: Metropolitan City of Bologna and the Emilia - Romagna Legislative Assembly.

EXIT 13|14|15 April 2022

via de 'Pepoli 1/2, Bologna

Opening Friday 13 April 2022 hours 17.30

Exhibition opening times:
Space Menomale_Via de 'Pepoli, 1
ven 17.30 – 22 | sab 16.00 – 24.00 | dom 15.00 – 20.00

Info: FLUID Communication
Barbara Mazzocco - +39 347 950 7832