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Saturday 1 February 2020 inside Contemporary Cluster a Roma, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Less Is More, the book will be presented As Brillant As the Sun of Stretcher Boemio, published by Vanillaedizioni.

SATURDAY 01 FEBRUARY 2020 | Start 19.00

Electrovinyl – “Hallmark pre. Crayons”

Expo 01.02.2020 – 29.02.2020
Opening 01.02.2020 +

As Brilliant As the Sun
Publication launch di Camilla Boemio

Electrovinyl, in collaboration with the Contemporary Cluster,
introduces Krayon and PixelArt to the public.

Inspired by patterns and textures, the artist enjoys creating contrasts and “digitizing” natural elements. Taking advantage of his Pixel Art, in fact, gives life to optical illusions in a unique style that only a few are able to shape.
To be understood by the viewer, his canvases must be observed from the right distance: seen up close they look like abstracts, as you move away you perceive the subject in its entirety.
The feeling that unites and is perceived in all artistic production is that things are often better understood when seen from afar.
Taking distance, both in life and in his art, the artist points out that LESS IS MORE.
Hence the title of the solo exhibition which will propose a dialogue between the works and the precious design objects present in the premises of Palazzo Cavallerini, in an exhibition itinerary in the «cave» environments, «hall» e «mezzanine» also in fusion with MICROFURROW, transmitting and making electronic music alive through a mix of new and used records , la dance-pop, la house music e la techno, reflecting the musical culture of European artists of the years 80 and 90 and related subcultures in the production of musical styles such as ChipTune and 8bit. The evening will be accompanied by music with a DJ set proposed by Lorenzo Pompa aka SOMO and Patrizio Sciarra.

To open the cultural event, the presentation of As Brilliant As the Sun published by Vanillaedizioni, the reconstruction of a journey through the artistic practices of California and around the city of Rome, creating a link between two places of art united by analogies and contradictions, curated by Camilla Boemio for the AAC Platform project.
Some of the artists involved: Catherine Opie, Salvatore Arancio, Stefano Canto, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Maria Elisa D'Andrea, Ludovica Gioscia, William E. Jones, Todd Gray, Ra di Martino, Lapo Simeoni, Stephanie Syjuco, Jebila Okongwu, Tam Van Tram, Ismael De Anda III, Nicole Eisenman.