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Samantha Passaniti

Samantha Passaniti è nata a Grosseto nel 1981. Vive e lavora tra Monte Argentario e Roma.

Si diploma in pittura all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, in 2013 is in the 2015 frequenta un corso post laurea alla Slade School of Art di Londra.

His artistic research is focused on experimenting with natural materials collected in the environment that become the object of reflection and investigation on the complexity of human relationships and existential experience. His pictorial works, sculptural and installation works arise from a continuous relationship, dialogue and exchange between inside and outside, between the intimate world and the environment, between man and nature, between existential experience and natural cycles, with particular attention to ancestral symbologies and spiritual archetypes that have linked man to the natural world that hosts him since ancient times.

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