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Francesco Totaro

Francesco Totaro was born in Messina in the autumn of 1961, city ​​where he graduated in Applied Arts. In 1983 he moved to Bologna, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts. Moving between Rimini and Milan, continues his artistic training path and in 1996 he made his public debut with his own work.

Faithful to the belief that it is necessary to move through materials rather than fideistically favoring one, its production is characterized by the multidisciplinary approach. In his career he has always avoided the choice of a single expressive medium and when he uses a technique he seems to deny its traditional conception, implementing a non-dogmatic factuality. His work is articulated through the use of different media, from painting to sculpture, from photography to digital graphics, continuing to explore the possibilities of the most varied categories. His research is heavily influenced by the study texts showing the connections between quantum mechanics, unconscious programming, the Universal Mind e, more generally, on research aimed at exploring the latent creative powers of the human being. His works, presented in various galleries and published in the main sector magazines, they have been acquired in numerous private collections.

Gabriele Perretta, contemporary archaeologist and creator of the artistic theory of Medialism, dedicated a monographic text included in the volume to his work The trades of érgon. Fabric’art: visions, objects, stories of media. Among the main personal exhibitions: Taste my love, edited by Luca Beatrice (San Salvatore Gallery, Modena, 2002); The men with the kite on their heads, curated by Enzo Santese (New Artesegno Gallery, Udine, 2002); 01, edited by Luca Beatrice (La Giarina Contemporary Art, Verona, 2002-03); Doubles and fluids, edited by Gabriele Perretta (La Giarina Contemporary Art, Verona, 2004-05); Two in the sights, with Fulvia Mendini, curated by Norma Mangione (San Salvatore Gallery, Modena, 2005); Crossings, catalog with critical text by Maria Teresa Zagone (Vittorio Emanuele Theater, Messina, 2019); Crossings in progress, edited by Gabriele Perretta (La Giarina Contemporary Art, Verona, 2019-20); Diptychon. Dialogic diptychs, edited by Francesca Di Giorgio (La Giarina Contemporary Art, Verona, 2022).

He lives and works in Modena and is represented by La Giarina Arte Contemporanea of ​​Verona.

(biography by Sandro Bicego)

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